About Helen Glen

About Helen Glen

I am a women’s business coach and life coach with a particular interest and expertise in helping female entrepreneurs overcome the grief of losing a loved one that may be holding them back from achieving the business success they are capable of.

It has always been my desire to help as many women achieve their dreams, as I possibly can, to overcome challenges with pride and purpose to make a worthwhile life for your children and yourself.

And that's what I do now... I help women move forward with unfailing belief and be empowered to live, and love life.

Helen Glen

I created a multimillion-dollar empire from scratch. Then came the recession, global economic crash, and a failing marriage, I filed for divorce, and I found myself on “struggle street”. I was penniless, homeless and along with three school-aged kids had to fend for the four of us, facing life as a sole parent was scary. I soon had some serious thinking to do, so being an entrepreneur, I opened a small country furniture store that provided enough for our day to day living.

A born-n-raised Bangalore girl with nothing more than passion, and a dream, I came to Australia with my suitcase just nineteen years old, to a new way of life, seeking my fortune and working hard. I was given some brilliant advice by my Father that ‘I could be anyone I believed I could be’...And I did…I'm proud to say I raised three beautiful humans who enjoyed a healthy lifestyle, were educated well and had a stable home life. They played sports, danced, swam, and snow skied. I bred Arabians for a hobby, it was a buzz winning the National Arabian Horse Championships for best gelding and my daughter and I were featured on channel 7 news.

I’m an Amazon Author. With a series of 5 "Think & Grow Personal Development Journals, published in 13 languages, distributed in 15 countries around the world. Journalling is an amazing accountability tracking tool.

Life took a tragic turn when my teenage son was suddenly killed, this left me in total disbelief, grief and trauma. I was shattered. My children occupied a big part of my life.

The grief I experienced from losing both my parents, my father to suicide, and my mother to cancer, was profound but I never comprehended the deep pain and prolonged heartache that comes from losing a beloved child. There were lonely, sleepless nights when parts of me knew I had to move on personally to make room for my "new normal" life. One December, after a Jim Rohn seminar, my girlfriends and I went for coffee and sat and wrote our New Years goals. On my list of goals was to allow love into my life again. We organised a picnic sailing on Pittwater. And it was there that I met my husband in February...Manifesting, visualisations and goal setting really works. I appreciate the many hours I spent in prayer, attending uplifting church services and time with my coaches and mentors. Without whom I could not cope. Learning from renowned Speakers, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Robert Kyokasaki and others not only kept me alive, but it restored my faith in myself and humanity. The good news is I'm an accredited Life Coach, meditation Instructor, and mentor. I help women dream big to reach for the stars. To break through the glass ceiling of limiting beliefs, grief and low self-esteem, and back it up with lasting change. The transformational results from neuroscience coaching techniques work magic. It's rewarding and I'm grateful for those who experience a healing glow to successfully move forward to live a transformed, meaningful life

Business & Life Coaching Qualifications

I have achieved a range of formal qualifications in marketing, business coaching, life coaching, and am currently studying to become a certified psychotherapist.

  • Undergraduate Course in Marketing - Sydney University (1996)
  • Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business - TAFE (2003
  • Certified Meditation Instructor - The Power Training and Coaching Institute (2012)
  • Online Marketing Business Mastery (business Coaching) - Action Coach
  • YB12 Coach/Business Performance Consultant - Life In Balance Careers (2012)
  • Results Coaching Certification Training (Life Coaching) - Authentic Education Academy (2016)
  • Mindfulness Life Coach – Peter Howell Training (2019)
  • Certified psychotherapist using the IFS (Internal Family Systems) method of coaching and therapy.

I have also completed trainings for:

  • Weight-Loss Coach
  • Therapeutic Art Life Coach
  • Advanced Diploma in Direct Sales.

Business & Marketing Experience

I started out as a trainee nurse in Perth, but then worked various admin jobs in mining towns around Australia.

Car rental business

It was on Groote Eylandt in the Northern Territory that my husband and I started our first business, a car rental company. However, we decided that we didn’t want to live in such a remote location for the rest of our lives, so in 1977 we moved to Sydney.

Women’s high fashion business

Having got the taste for running my own business, once I got settled in Sydney, I set about starting a new business, this time a women’s high fashion boutique, which did so well that I expanded into three locations.

Furniture retail & manufacturing business

Having really caught the entrepreneurial bug, I then started a furniture business. To begin with we operated the business from home and then purchased a large commercial premises and even opened a furniture factory, scaling the business to six figures. I had made it! From penniless immigrant to millionaire in ten years! Unfortunately, the business did not survive a difficult divorce in the middle of a deep recession, and I found myself again penniless - this time I was also a single mother supporting three children.

Market research

I then took a break from being an entrepreneur and worked in the corporate sector, using my marketing degree to land a job in market research with one of the world’s leading market research companies, Nielsen.

Business Coach

I love being a female entrepreneur, and getting to know other women in business, so in 2012, I completed training as both a business coach and meditation coach, and began my coaching business, specializing in business coaching for female entrepreneurs.

Life Coach & Business Coach & Grief Coach

I found that, for some women, there were aspects of their personal life that were holding them back from achieving their business success, and that it was helping women with these aspects that I found most rewarding. Therefore, I completed training as a life coach, and began to focus on helping female entrepreneurs who wanted more than just a business coach.

Through my own, personal experience, with the untimely loss of my mother, then father, and most significantly, my teenage son, I have learned a lot about how to deal with the loss of a loved one, and how the grieving process can interfere with running a successful business.

I am passionate about putting the difficult lessons that I have learned to good use by helping women in business who are dealing with grief - especially women who have lost a baby or a child.

  • Author of Empowerment Journals

In 2019 I authored and self-published a set of five empowerment and personal development journals.

Grief Experience

My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was just ten years old, which was quite a traumatic experience, luckily she went into remission for twenty years.

Her death came when I was 30 years old and was running my furniture business and one year later my father committed suicide. All of this happened at about the same time as I was also losing my marriage, and it certainly affected my ability to run my business.

My deepest grief came a few years later when my teenage son died in a tragic accident. I thought the loss was unbearable and that I could not go on, but I had two other children to care for, so I sought help and learned how to heal the deep sense of loss that I felt. I embarked on journey of healing and personal development and grew to become a stronger and wiser women.

Now I want to help other women who are in a similar place.

My Personal History

From a child, my mothers' encouragement and inspiration had a profound effect on my life. She taught me to get on with life, despite polio leaving me with a facial droop. She gave me the courage and wisdom to know that I mattered.

I was born in Bangalore, India, and immigrated to Australia as a teenager on my own. It was daunting, scary, and lonely, but I had a strong belief to make my life successful in this beautiful country. My family moved over a year later.

Mum had cancer when I was only 10years old. She lived for 20 years in remission

but passed away after enjoying ten years of living in Australia.

My father committed suicide a year after mum's death.

I felt he took my broken heart to the grave with him.

I thought I would never recover from deep heartache, sleepless nights, and despair.

But life goes on, slowly healing takes place

I had wonderful support to help me to accept life in the "new normal."

One can never forget the person we loved and lost but we can learn to live with all the beautiful memories they gave us, this in itself gives me joy.

I understand tragedy, trauma, and how to transition tears to transformation,

it's a step-by-step healing process. I allow my intuition to guide my heart on a love journey of higher consciousness, respecting all things.

Life cannot be rushed!

Life cannot be rushed!

So this is why I do this work; it's my mission and purpose to be the bridge.

I want to help a mother see her light along life's journey, so she can sleep well and smile again. I love to help her grow and bloom.

With much thought into programs and coaching, I feel empowered to continue my work to have a positive impact on women everywhere.

Women are the strength of millions, and the world needs us, let's recognise our inner beauty while we make room for loss and recovery.

5 Major turning points in my life:

In hindsight, I'm so proud of myself for having the wisdom to find guides, mentors and coaches to help me get through those dark days.

What an unpredictable adventure life is. As a female entrepreneur I became a millionaire in my thirties, and then was dead broke and a sole parent as a mother of three in my forties.

My turning point was divorce, loss of my business, my beautiful home, and lifestyle and left destitute and a single parent.

But worst of all was the death of my beloved son, he took my heart with him to the grave. This was a major turning point in my life.

1. Polio as an infant left me with facial droop

2. Immigrated alone to Australia when I was 19 years old

3. Started a home-based furniture business and scaled it to a 6 figure income.

4. Millionaire mum to broke single mum supporting 3 kids.

5. Heartbreak and trauma from the death of my teenage son

5 Life Experiences I'm proud of:

In hindsight, I'm so proud of myself for having the wisdom to find guides, mentors and coaches to help me get through those dark days.

I'm proud of being a God-fearing woman. I knew I could rely on my strengths to see us through the storm to a successful life.

My children were my biggest WHY. Their hugs and smiling faces helped me move forward without looking back at all I had lost.

I am proud to live a life that I love, in a country where I found love, peace, and happiness, with the freedom to be my authentic self.

1. My beautiful children, who are my very purpose for living.

2. Organised a Charity event donating the proceeds to purchase two heart monitors to The Sydney children's hospital

3. Courage to show independence by making the trip to live in Australia on my own

4. Travelled the world with my beautiful growing family

5. The euphoria and the sense of achievement from being an immigrant to a millionaire within 10 years.


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