Confidence, Clarity and Courage Package

1x 90 minutes Coaching Session

Mindfulness Meditation

1x 90 minutes Coaching Session

The Healing After the Loss

1x 90 minutes Coaching Session

Bronze Empowering Coaching Program

Gold Empowering Coaching Program

8 Coaching Sessions / 16 weeks

Diamond Empowering Coaching Program

6 Coaching Sessions / 12 weeks

Women's Think & Grow Journal

*Amazon prices may vary slightly

Empowerment Journal

*Amazon prices may vary slightly

Free Discovery Call

Reclaiming Happiness: Holistic Approach to Healing Grief Online Course

Exclusive Coaching and Mentoring Package with Facilitator Helen Ena Glen

(2 sessions)

Disclaimer: Coaching programs focus on future possibilities that lie ahead. Coaching is not therapy.

No claim is made that the programs will help in any way other than for personal growth and development if applied within reason of conscious presence.

Transition Tears To Transformation programs are based on proven techniques and emerging neuroscience, tools for self-acceptance, self-empowerment, and self-development.

The programs are a self-help guide, and do not guarantee or imply improvements in your life or those around you.

It is recommended to do the work to assist you to move forward on your own personal development journey in life.

Progress is individual and different for everyone.

However seeing progress and rewarding yourself on wins, depends on you, and will assist in your own personal growth and success.


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