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Empowerment Journal

The Empowerment Journal is a simple but powerful tool. It can help you observe your daily routine, check your habits, boost your confidence, and set empowering goals, big or small.

Plus Mindfulness Tools: By observing mindfulness practices empower your behaviour and watch yourself thrive. Take 10 minutes to complete.

Bonus Inspiring Quotes: Reflect on motivating quotes from philosophers, writers, or ancient books. You will discover an empowering pathway within your Journal and be able to reference it again and again.

Women's Think & Grow Journal

The 5 star rated "Women's Think And Grow Journal" keeps you accountable, motivated, and inspired for bigger, bolder, higher goals.

The well-known quotes in this journal have been selected to use as a mindfulness tool for inspiration and motivation.

This little journal will be your treasure!

A Women's Think And Grow Journal has been designed for you to track your morning and evening routines. Gain a different perspective and make changes confidently that you so rightly deserve.

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5.0 out of 5 stars

The most helpful book through Covid lockdown

Reviewed in Australia on August 28, 2021

This has been such a helpful tool to have through lockdown. This journal is helping me grow as a person.

Allowing me to write down my thoughts, goals and focusing on positive thoughts. The positive affirmations in this book gives me guidance, hope and encouragement to get through each day. It’s also great as a gift to give someone who is struggling through lockdown or life itself as it helps to focus on positivity and personal development.

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About the Author

Helen Ena Glen

I'm Helen Glen, living in Sydney, Australia with my husband. I have two grown-up beautiful daughters, and two adorable grandchildren we see often. I love art, swimming, entertaining, coffee, and writing!

When I was a baby I caught the poliovirus, this left me with a facial droop. Fortunately, that didn't hold me back from living a normal life.

On reflection, there was a time I went through trauma and tragedy, and during those sleepless nights, I poured my heart out on a paper pad. Journaling gave me an account of how far I've come in overcoming heartache after the loss of my son.

This experience inspired me to offer a series of empowerment and mindfulness journals. A valuable self-help workbook with writing prompts, space for mindfulness reflection; inspiring, motivating quotes in balancing body, mind, and spirit.


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